Property Benefits Of Choosing Brush Mulching Over Land Clearing

If you have a property that is overgrown and you want to clear the site for building or general beautification purposes, then it may be in your best interest to work with a contractor who can perform the service. Professionals will typically offer both land clearing and brush mulching services. If you have a choice between the two, then go with the mulching. The mulching simply does a better job of sustaining a healthy property. Keep reading to learn why this is true.

The Soil Remains Undisturbed

Land clearing involves the forceful removal of all greenery, and the soil is often dug up in the process. When the soil is disturbed, the topsoil is often released and this can lead to land erosion. Erosion means that the soil is unable to hold nutrients and water like it once did, since the topsoil is what helps to carry these things deeper into the earth. This can lead to water running off the soil, and this can cause flooding of areas of the property. Also, small ponds and rivers can develop and the soil can easily be washed away, and uneven surfaces may develop. 

Brush mulching does not dig up the soil because the brush on top of the earth is cut down and broken up. Stumps are sometimes left in place, but you can invest in stump grinding at the same time as the brush mulching. This is wise if you do want to build on the cleared property. Brush mulching is typically a one step process and the stump grinding does add an extra step, but this type of clearing will still be quicker than more traditional land clearing practices.

New Growth Will Occur

The point of land clearing is to remove overgrowth, trees, and other plants that are congesting a property. In most cases, individuals do not need to completely clear to the bare earth. If this describes your situation or if you are intending on planting on the property after the clearing, then mulching is a better option than full land clearing. When mulching is completed, some of the mulch material is left on the ground. This happens even if you want the majority of the mulch gathered and taken off-site. 

The mulch that is left behind feeds the soil. Specifically, the decomposing mulch provides the earth with nutrients and this allows new and healthy growth to start appearing soon after the mulching is completed. 

If you invest in land clearing, then topsoil or fertilizer materials will often need to be spread and the area will also need seed. It can take time for the soil to build with nutrients and this can mean stunted growth for at least a season or two.