Building a New House? 2 Questions You May Have About Flex Space

After choosing the perfect house plans, you will need to hire a home builder to turn these drawings into an actual house you can eventually move into. Building a house is an exciting time in life, but it is also a time when you will have a lot of decisions to make. Luckily, there is one decision you will not have to make right away, unless you want to. This decision is what to use the flex space for that you see on your home plans. Here are two things to understand about flex space, what it is, and how you can use it.

What Is Flex Space?

In short, flex space is undesignated, finished living space in a home. While not all blueprints of homes have flex space, many do. Every room on a house plan will have a name, which states the use of the room. For example, you may notice that the plans you selected state the names of the bedrooms, the dining room, living room, and every other room listed. When a home plan has flex space, it will be listed on the blueprints too, with the words "Flex Space."

Flex space can basically be customized to fit anyone's needs, and it can be used for a variety of different purposes. When the architect drew the plans for the house, he or she just did not specify the use for this particular area in the home.

This space is sometimes located in an enclosed area, but other times it is space that appears to be wasted space, because it does not have four walls around it. Flex space is also commonly found in bonus rooms and loft areas in homes.

You can use this space as an extra bedroom, an office, a media room, an exercise room, or anything else that interests you. The nice part is that you really do not have to decide right away what to use it for. You could have the builder finish the space with drywall and flooring, and you could decide later on what to use it for.

What Are Some Good Ideas to Incorporate in the Space?

Depending on the location of the space, one great idea to consider using with your flex space involves installing movable wall panels. Movable wall panels will give you the ability to separate this space for privacy when needed, but it will also allow you to open up the space to create a more open look in your house.

Movable wall panels come in many forms and are easy to use. They would be perfect to use if you have overnight guests. You could simply convert the flex space into a guest bedroom for the nights you have guests, and you could use the space for other purposes during the times when you do not have guests.

Another great idea for flex space is installing built-in storage areas. A house can never have enough storage space, and using flex space for this is a great way to obtain more storage space in your home.

One option is by using one of the walls in the area as a large bookcase or cabinet. Your home builder could build this right into your wall, and it would offer a place to store books, movies, any lots of other things. The best part is that you could place furniture in front of this storage system, if you plan on storing things that you do not need to access all the time.

Building a home is a great time in life, and deciding how to use the flex space in your new home can also be exciting. To get more ideas about flex space, contact a home builder today.