4 Home Renovations That Will Boost Your Home's Value

There are plenty of reasons that you may have for boosting your home's value. Although the real estate crash of 2008 has left many people without reason to invest in their home or property, the market has shown signs of an upswing. This means that there are more potential buyers on the real estate market, and more people willing to invest in their home for the express purpose of eventually selling it.

This leads one to ask the most pertinent question regarding boosting the value of one's home: "How do I go about doing it?. Although not all renovations will increase your home's value, there are 4 surefire renovations and upgrades that will.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

There are a variety of ways in which you can make your home a more energy efficient domicile. One of the most simple ways you can go about making your home a lean, green, on-the-market machine is making sure the house is well insulated. A bit of caulk around your doors and windows can go a long way in making your house more attractive to potential buyers. If your attic or basement lacks insulation, simply adding batt insulation will improve your house's energy efficiency. 

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat can save on heating bills, as well as making your house all the more modern and attractive to potential buyers. If you are the owner of an older house, take replacing the doors and windows in your home with newer, more energy efficient models.

Kitchen Renovations

When looking to purchase a house, one of the first rooms that potential buyers investigate is the kitchen. Renovating your kitchen will ensure that buyers don't lose interest in the rest of your home immediately. To increase your home's value, full kitchen renovations should be done on kitchen's with outdated appliances, flooring, cupboards as well as counters. Full renovations that include a whole new floor plan should be done if you realize that your kitchen awkwardly or badly utilizes space. 

If your kitchen isn't outdated, but just a little haggard, consider giving it a facelift instead of a whole renovation. A simple refurbishing of the kitchen – repainting, replacing worn pieces of your stove and refrigerator, sanding and finishing cabinets, as well as replacing cabinet hardware – will increase your home's value. 

Landscaping Renovations

The absolute first thing that people will see is the outside of your house: the property, itself. Upgrading your landscaping is a great way to increase curb appeal, as well as boost the actual value of your home.

Quality landscaping can increase your home's value by as much as 28%. Some things that you can do to improve your landscaping include adding lighting, replacing your fence, as well as installing or upgrading your sprinkler system. Landscape renovations can also be as simple as planting native plants and trees to improve the overall aesthetic of your yard.

HVAC Upgrades

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades can be a tricky beast. This is a definitive factor at which all potential buyers take a look. However, it is best to have a professional tell you whether or not your HVAC system truly needs an upgrade.

As a general rule of thumb, if your HVAC system is over ten years old, plunk down the cash to have a professional take a look at your system and let you know if you need any upgrades. If you have a swamp cooler, consider upgrading to central air before your house goes on the market. Not only will installing central air increase your home's value, but it will cut down on your energy costs as you are waiting to sell your home.

As you can see, these four tips for boosting the value of your home can definitely help you in the long game of selling your home on the real estate market. Upgrading and renovating may be a lot of work in the moment, but it can help you sell your house for much more when the time comes.