Do You Need a Contractor for Home Renovations?

5 Tips For Dressing Up Your Fireplace Hearth With Ceramic Tiles

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A traditional fireplace offers both decorative value to tie the living room together and functional use as a heating source when your power goes out. If you’re adding a brand new addition to an existing home or just updated an outdated hearth, ceramic tile is the best option because it’s affordable and heat resistant at the same time. Get creative with your new ceramic tile hearth by using these handy design tips. Use Cement Board If you’ve got a wood stove insert or a fireplace that already comes with plenty of insulating...

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4 Home Renovations That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

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There are plenty of reasons that you may have for boosting your home’s value. Although the real estate crash of 2008 has left many people without reason to invest in their home or property, the market has shown signs of an upswing. This means that there are more potential buyers on the real estate market, and more people willing to invest in their home for the express purpose of eventually selling it. This leads one to ask the most pertinent question regarding boosting the value of one’s home: “How do I go about doing it?....

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